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Warmest Wishes

The Magnificent 7 would like to extend our warmest wishes to you this Holiday season. No matter how you celebrate, grab your family and friends, your dog or cat, or just a warm cuppa, and reflect on what you want. Peace on Earth is always top of the list. Barring that, connection, hope, and joy […]

Escape The Blues With Magnificent News!

Regular news getting you down? Real or fake, it’s hard to take the relentless onslaught of information. We invite you to share in our recent accolades and good tidings, and to take time off from the world of the web. We have our own wild webs to share, complete with dew drops glistening in the […]

Enviro Love

When was the moment you learned to love the environment? The moment you realized wildlife would be a part of your life, your experiences? Was it a caterpillar, winding its way around your tiny finger? Or a fishing trip, a close encounter, even a birdhouse out your kitchen window? Birds’ busy lives closely mirror our […]