Magnificent Seven

Once upon a time, there was a group of wilderness lodge owners who would frequently bump into each in industry circles. They quickly realized that they had so much in common as they had all built their businesses from the ground up, in the middle of nowhere! They were all wildlife enthusiasts and champions of the environment. And they all understood exactly what was required to run a luxury wilderness lodge. This special kinship blossomed into a great idea.

Over dinner one night, one of the owners said: ‘Why don’t we partner up and support one another so that we can spend more time at our lodges being incredible hosts, wilderness adventurers, boat captains, cowgirls, fishermen…doing the things we love to do?’

And so the Magnificent 7 was born…seven magnificent, small, family owned businesses in the wilds of Canada! All of them created by visionaries and continually driven by passion!

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