Magnificent Seven

Meet the owners…


Over thirty years ago, Craig and Deborah Murray established this visionary property with ecological ‘footprint’ in mind. Their son Fraser grew up in Nimmo Bay and has an intuitive knowledge of the land and lodge. He is always improving upon a model grounded in brilliance.

Having worked every job on the grounds, explored every nook and bay, Fraser knows what to deliver his guests. His passion for, and commitment to, Nimmo Bay melds with true stewardship of the Earth. Fraser, his partner Becky, and his team all deliver excellent service, dedication to sustainability, and one family’s dream, realized.


Good things come in threes: Beat Steiner, Christian Begin, and Peter ‘Swede’ Mattsson. The stories these characters could tell… Beat of his time squatting in remote cabins while filmmaking, Christian skiing into the wild to shoot over fifty snowboarding and skiing films, and ‘Swede’, whose passion for heli-skiing drives Bella Coola Heli Sports, as he runs all operations with a verve only he could muster.

As true backwoodsmen with an unparalleled passion for powder, each brings a long list of professional skills to the table as they uphold the same vision: to perfect the programs at Tweedsmuir and Bella Coola, while having a great time.


Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort is the product of Allyson Rogers’ vision realized through passion, hard work and endless perseverance; built in harmony with the environment to preserve all that nature has to offer. When she purchased her piece of paradise in 1991, there wasn’t even a road in to the place. Not a problem for Allyson.

She camped and rode around the property, getting to know the lay of land, then forged her way to create an ultra-private hideaway at Siwash Lake. These days Allyson, her partner Roy, and their two teens, have great pleasure in welcoming discerning adventurers from around the world to this spectacular home on the range.


The Reimers are an energetic team. Mike is a wilderness guide, an outfitter, and the ultimate outdoorsman. Jeanne is the quintessential host, an unbelievable chef, and a visionary.

Together they journeyed into the wild with a dream, and were the first to establish an eco-lodge on Hudson Bay. Mike and Jeanne’s bold endeavours have created a premiere destination for wildlife enthusiasts, inviting all into the fascinating world of the
Canadian Arctic.


Colin Griffinson will say he was born to it, in a melodious Irish lilt. As a lad in Dublin he found his sea legs; he’s been exploring ever since.

An entertainer by nature, Colin makes his guests feel welcome with a story and a laugh. His mastery of both his ship and the sea secures your trust; you’re in good hands. The Yellowfin’s crew are like a loyal family; they will lead you into the secret coves, waterfalls, and the ultimate B.C. fishing spots. Colin likes his onboard guests to become “Yellowfinners”. This alchemy usually arrives with the next incoming tide.

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