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Letters from the wilderness

Clinging to summer

Hang on there summer! We can feel you slipping away. Your golden rays are casting a rich amber hue and there is coolness in your morning breeze. Please don’t go…we are not done with you yet. We want to savour a few last dips in our favourite swimming holes and feel the earth beneath our […]

Summer Lift Off!

Dear Adventurer, We’ve just launched our new website and we are very excited to share it with you. And if you haven’t organized a 2017 vacation yet, do not fret: sometimes last minute plans are the best laid plans! Contact us to design that dream trip to Western Canada, there are still some summer spots […]

Wild Family Times

The family summer vacation. Is your’s planned, or are you still looking for inspiration? If you need ideas, look no further. We’ll lead you to where the wild things are! Our resorts offer the perfect recipe for family bonding and adventure (and ways to escape). Instead of spending a last minute summer vacation on your […]