The pace of our lives is hectic; there often isn’t time to give ourselves the mental space to fulfill a more profound need – connection. Connection with nature, with each other and with ourselves. We think there isn’t time, but there is. We just have to make it. Study after study tells us what we already know; we need to unplug, unwind, and re-connect to the world around us. Our mental and physical health depend on it!

The Magnificent 7 properties offer many ways to connect in different ways, come for a visit. Make time. Feel the difference a break can make!


The Arctic is a landscape like those found in our dreams: vast, bright, with unlimited sightings of animals. Not just mega-impressive animals like Polar Bears, but also skittering terns, sly silver-coated foxes, chattering flocks of migrating birds of many types. This is a theatrical space where the impressive backdrop informs our inner reflection. Sometimes the more extensive the panorama we find ourselves in, the quicker we are to listen to our hearts, to pay attention to our inner selves. Come and be moved by what you see, by the people you meet, by the meals you share. The Aurora Borealis will reflect what’s inside you: a myriad of wonders.



Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is exceptional at finding ways to connect to your inner spirit! If you’re looking for adventure, the newly customized Bear Viewing Program provides an up close and personal look at these majestic creatures. Keeping a respectful distance (by boat or land) is an awe-inspiring and humbling experience not to be missed. Autumn is peak grizzly bear viewing time and only a few spots remain for this fall! If total relaxation is what you crave, the spa creates personal sessions, catering to individual needs. Massage, energy healing, a floating sauna? Access the unforgettable, all at Nimmo Bay.



We are all mere molecules! Come find your centre; your balance at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort. Discover new ways of seeing the natural world with the guidance of an expert Naturalist. Learn about climate change, wildlife tracking, migration, habitats, flora, fauna, geology and more. Recharge under cascading waterfalls or cool off in the naturally formed jacuzzi pool. Enjoy the freshest of farm to table cuisine then top it all off with a campfire crackling under the moon. Let the subtle beauty of Siwash seep into your soul, and still any cares you might have.



Stories of giant sea creatures are riddled through ancient sailor’s lore. They were Humpbacks, our massive neighbours underneath the Pacific waves. To see one diving, feeding, or just passing by is a thrill for your storybook. We aren’t so different: travelling with our loved ones, enjoying food together, playing. Come and celebrate all the gifts the ocean has to offer. Slip down the Yellowfin’s water slide and into the warm water current; Captain Colin knows all the hot spots. He will steer you to hidden coves, secret beaches, and help you catch your very own crab dinner right off the boat. The ocean offers a fresh perspective – come to where the light hits the water and stirs the joy in all of us.



The slow winding of a raft down the river, water bubbling underneath. You’re there, watching the canopy of trees paint a green swath through the vista, a cloud or two flitting through the sea of blue. Wait, is that? Yes, it is. A Grizzly feeding, enjoying fresh fish caught right at the river’s edge. It pays no attention to you, but your senses are heightened – this is pure magnificence, the ultimate in excitement. Traverse the landscape on electric mountain bikes or swaying atop the saddles of the Icelandic horses. Bring your favourite people for a magical time in the forest, finding the joy in quiet pleasures.



The Canadian Winter Wonderland beckons – what better place to gather your family for intense fun and adventure. Nothing brings you together like the winter activities that await you at Bella Coola Heli Sports, from snowshoeing, fly-fishing, Icelandic horse rides, heli-sightseeing and of course small group heli-skiing with friendly, uber experienced mountain guides. Round this vacation off with fantastic food, a bonfire and cozy chalet accommodation, and there you have it: a family bonding session like no other.


Photo credits: Robert Hlavica, Jeremy Koreski, Sam McCoy