We’ve all heard of VR: Virtual Reality- strap on a set of goggles and expand your mind. But if all you need is a prop to find a new perspective, we’ve got those. Try our dose of AR: Amazing Reality. The kind you can’t find in the virtual realm, complete with tangible thrills, authentic encounters, and experiences that will imprint in memory for a life time. Alter your view of the world, in a permanent way!


bear vewing at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge photo by Sam McCoy

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

AR Prop: Binoculars. Tweedsmuir Lodge has a couple of bear viewing platforms that get you to a safe viewing distance of the grizzlies. Add binoculars and really see their coarse hair and giant paws as they fish for salmon. Notice they only eat the heads and the eggs? They barely (or is that bearly?) notice you at this time of year; in the autumn they are tolerant of visitors – as they’re too busy stuffing themselves. River raft down the Atnarko River for total immersion in autumn colours, or soar above from a helicopter for a stunning view of the valley, mountains and glaciers. Take advantage of the mild weather to find your thrill of a lifetime!


heli-fishing at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort photo by Jeremy Koreski

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

AR Prop: Fishing Rod. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is known for its natural beauty, the Pacific lapping at its doorstep, the Great Bear Rainforest as its backyard. But did you know they have Heli-fishing? That’s right, visit the most remote rivers and fishing holes, the isolated streams one only dreams about. Pacific salmon, char, trout of all types, what more could you ask for? Bring your rod and a smile, and we’ll do the rest. An AR experience that also brings you RR- the Rest and Relaxation you’ve been needing. The natural beauty here will seep into your every fibre- you’ll leave a changed person.


the historic MV Pacific Yellowfin photo by Jeremy Koreski

The Pacific Yellowfin

AR Prop: Paddle Board. Peruse the secluded coves in the heart of Desolation Sound aboard the historic Pacific Yellowfin. Find your balance on the board as the world unfolds around you: jellyfish underneath, blooming like flowers, the rocky shoreline painted with Autumn’s colour palate. You might even make a whale or dolphin friend on your paddling adventure! The view will leave an impression on all your senses. Make sure to try a kayak, a mountain bike through the forest, or relax with a glass of wine on deck at sunset. Nothing virtual even comes close.


star gazing at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort photo by Jeremy Koreski

Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort

AR Prop: Cowboy Hat. Tip your brim at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, as you try your hand at authentic cowboy life. Whether its riding horses into the sunset, shooting arrows, trapsing through our unique fire-licked forest, you’ll find more activities here than you know what to do with. Don’t forget the excellent star gazing, where in the deep quiet of the night one truly understands we are all made of star stuff. Come and feel the heart of this land, and find your own.


Polar bear with cubs at Churchill Wild, photo by Michael Poliza

Churchill Wild

AR Prop: Camera with Zoom Lens. Churchill Wild has only a few spaces left on the Polar Bear Photo Safari and Shoot the Light Workshop for the 2018 season. Photographers of all caliber come from around the globe to capture these majestic creatures and the many species of birdlife and ground dwelling animals in their wild Arctic scenery. Snowy Owl, falcon and fox, who knows what shots you’ll get! But the polar bears will give you unforgettable memories – being close to these gorgeous giants is to see a powerful beauty you just can’t imagine. A massive dose of AR!


Heli-skiing with Bella Coola Heli Sports photo by Hansjoerg Franz

Bella Coola Heli Sports

AR Prop: Snow goggles. The real deal! You’ll need them to cut the glare of the pristine white powder mountaintop. This is the ultimate 4D experience, snow whisking past your face as you gain momentum, hair-raising on the back of your neck after the exhilaration of landing a jump, of being the first to carve out a set of tracks at the top of the world. Grab your poles and come join us at Bella Coola Heli Sports. We’ll show you what heli-skiing really is. Afterwards we’ll feed you the finest in fare, complete with a glass of lager by the fire. AR at its best!