The family summer vacation. Is your’s planned, or are you still looking for inspiration? If you need ideas, look no further.

We’ll lead you to where the wild things are!

Our resorts offer the perfect recipe for family bonding and adventure (and ways to escape). Instead of spending a last minute summer vacation on your in-laws couch, in your grandkids’ playroom, or at an over-packed destination, head into the wilderness. Only this time, do it in style!

Here’s some of our favourite family activities at our lodges:

Capture the look on your family members’ faces as they see a polar bear for the first time! Take the ‘family photo’ to a whole new level. Your backdrop? The creatures of the wild Arctic. Snap a shot of photo-bombing belugas as you kayak through pristine waters. Black bears and wolves have also been known to show their faces near the lodge. And imagine your delight as you awake, not from a dream, but to licks of green flame in the night sky. As the Aurora Borealis makes an appearance, your clan will be completely star-struck! Limited spaces remain in early August on our Arctic Discovery Trip. Before the kids head back to school, educate them in deep beauty.

Imagine an entire antique boat for your private use. There is nothing quite like the Pacific Yellowfin: she dates back to the early 1940s, and has been lovingly restored into the perfect luxury family cruising vessel. She comfortably sleeps a family of twelve. Our favourite family activity? The giant slide – zooming down into the warmest waters North of Mexico! Or it might be throwing down our own crab traps. There’s nothing like pulling up a family feast, dropping anchor in a secret bay and watching the whales go by! Book a private family cruise to spectacular Desolation Sound. A couple of dates are still available for 2017.

Wake up with your family in frontier style accommodations. The well-equipped canvas cabins make for a unique family stay – posh comfort in the heartland of B.C. There is a plethora of activities to do together; some of our faves include the archery course and shooting range. The wilderness survival session is not only fun, it also teaches important life skills! And a day out on the horses riding in lush green meadows, enjoying a gourmet picnic, followed by a dip in the river is sure to go down in the family memory bank!

Gear up the family in their hiking shoes and walk some of the world’s most stunning mountain scenery! Tweedsmuir is BC’s largest protected Provincial Park. There are many wonderful opportunities for family hiking, and if you are feeling really adventurous we can order a heli to take you ‘up, up and away’! Take in the stunning panoramas of the Coast Range. Back at the lodge there is archery, games on the lawn, and Icelandic horses for experienced riders. At the end of the day, our cozy chalets are the perfect place to snuggle in with your loved ones. The Bella Coola Explorer Itinerary is the ideal June/July family getaway!

A family adventure wouldn’t be complete without making new acquaintances. How about spending some time with bears, whales, and dolphins? Enjoy a day out on one of Nimmo’s boats, exploring all the wild corners of the Great Bear Rainforest. Return to the lodge for a paddle around the bay, or just hang out on the dock, play in the waterfall, and soak in the hot-tub. As the sun slips away into the evening light, embrace the magic of a Nimmo evening. Enjoy a bountiful feast followed by music around the fire. Find your long-lost voice, and join in the joyful singing!