Magnificent Seven

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Bella Coola Heli Sports is simply the best skiing experience possible! It’s all about skiing pristine powder with your best friends in the most stunning terrain imaginable. Add in the magic of a jet powered helicopter and you have the ultimate skier’s playground.

With a skiing permit area the size of the Swiss Alps – 2.64 million acres – and a maximum of 32 skiers per week, this experience equals endless powder runs. In fact, many of our slopes are still being discovered and have never before been skied.

Bella Coola Heli Sports is dedicated to creating a unique heliskiing experience by offering everything from exclusive private heli programs, tailored programs for “Experts Only”, Heli-Assisted Ski Touring, and a standard heli skiing program ideal for intermediate as well as strong skiers. All participants, regardless of the program, will ski amongst towering rugged peaks, dramatic glaciers, gladed tree runs, and giant alpine bowls. Stretching from the fjords to the highest peak in the province, our location, in a transition zone from a wetter pacific climate to a drier interior climate, is ideal for heli-skiing.

Our strict limits on group sizes (4 guests per group), and our small and private helicopters (the ultimate high speed lifts), and ample amounts of fresh snow, combine to create the most rewarding heliski experience possible.

Visit Us Online 1.604.905.4994
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