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Hello Wilderness Adventurer,

My name is Jeneen Sutherland and I am the Executive Director of the Magnificent 7. I have travelled the globe extensively and I have worked in the travel industry for 15 years- most recently at travel company Butterfield & Robinson.

Muddy BootsEver since I was a kid I have always been most content out in nature. I love exploring remote places and viewing wildlife. I now reside on the North Shore of Vancouver, I feel blessed to live in an area that is surrounded by incredible natural beauty. I am passionate about nature conservation and sustainability initiatives. I recently completed studies in Sustainable Community Development.

Upon meeting the Mag 7 owners, I felt a special connection to all of them. They are a really wonderful group of people and I am proud to promote their lodges. I have visited all of the lodges and I truly believe in their offerings.

People often ask me: ‘What is your favourite lodge?’

To which I always reply: ‘It really depends upon my mood for they are all different and they all compliment each other so well.’

If you wish to plan a trip to Western Canada I am always here to offer advice. I can help pull together your dream trip and help choose the lodge (or lodges) that best suits your style! Below is a list of my most memorable moments during my visits to each lodge:

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Heli-skiingTWEEDSMUIR PARK LODGE
The heli had just dropped us off on top of this gorgeous peak. I literally felt as though I was standing on top of the world; snowcapped mountains were everywhere. I actually became quite emotional; the beauty surrounding us was so completely overwhelming. And then we dropped into perfect powder! Those were the best turns of my life. And after a day of skiing nothing quite beats the big roaring fire and glass of wine in the main lodge.

I was out for a blissful afternoon SUP in Big Nimmo Bay. I was in my own world listening to music. I suddenly felt this presence. I looked up and twenty feet away from me was a big beautiful black bear. Our eyes locked. I dropped to my knees and quietly let the current carry me away all the while just watching him out of the corner of my eye. I then returned to the lodge to be greeted by one of the wonderful staff with a gorgeous plate of appies in hand!

Siwash Lake Ranch me and DakotaSIWASH LAKE RANCH

On our first day at Siwash, Allyson invited my whole family out for a horse ride. She magically taught us how to be ‘at one’ with our horses and I was amazed at how confident my young kids were when they got in the saddle. I will forever have this vision of watching them ride with ease through a lush green meadow…and the stunning Cariboo landscape unfolded before us like a fairytale.  And the ranch also offers so many other wonderful activities too; we did archery, canoeing, SUPing, kayaking, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, fishing…and the marshmallow roast was a big hit too!

I had the best sleep of my life aboard the Pacific Yellowfin; the first night we saw loads of whales and experienced the crab feast of a lifetime. We also laughed like crazy at Captain Colin’s stories, and then I slept for nearly 10 hours! I awoke perfectly recharged and we hopped in our kayaks and paddled a secret little cove. I remember seeing so many bald eagles that we lost count!

Churchill Wild Swimming with BelugasCHURCHILL WILD
I was floating in Hudson Bay, tethered by my ankles…the boat was gently pulling me along. I started to sing ‘Oh Canada’ through my snorkel (yes this sounds ridiculous I know). Suddenly there were FIVE belugas surrounding me. One even gently brushed along my side. And one just remained suspended in front of me curiously cocking its head in my direction. Have you ever had a staring contest with a beluga? And then in the afternoon we walked with polar bears! Swimming with belugas and walking with polar bears on the same day!



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