Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent 7 is a group of Canadian wilderness lodges offering you an unforgettable luxury experience, on the living, breathing edge of nature. Outstanding service, unparalleled cuisine and bespoke outdoor adventures are waiting for you at each of our member properties.

The Magnificent 7 sets a new standard of excellence in the Great Bear Rainforest, Cariboo Country, vast Coast Mountains, wild shores of Vancouver Island, and the sub arctic and boreal regions of Hudson Bay, for what can only be described as soul stirring and unforgettable. Western Canada is a land of superlatives and iconic moments, where spectacular panorama and wildlife mingle with rich First Nations culture and frontier history—in an environment of endless possibility.

Each property is family owned and operated, combining responsible, sustainable tourism with the best in luxury adventure travel. For astute travellers craving sophistication with their fresh air and awe-inspiring surroundings, each of the Magnificent 7 delivers intimate, five-star experiences.

New passions are kindled for horses and riding; for whales—watching humpbacks, grey and orcas, or swimming with a beluga; for fly fishing; kayaking; heli-skiing and hiking; and for the greatest bear viewing in the world—grizzlies, black, and polar bears! Guests are given rare, bespoke experiences within the most exclusive settings Canada has to offer.

With a myriad of activities to choose from, in both sunshine and snow, the definitive decision will be when to visit each one of the Magnificent 7. The resorts may be booked individually, combined as two or three, or visit the entire collection for Western Canada’s quintessential, Magnificent 7 wilderness adventure.

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